Sunday, February 22, 2009

update on life

Y'know sometimes I just feel like I must be a lousy blogger. I look at the blogs that other people write and they're posting everyday or every other day. My posting is so infrequent and irregular, oh well, I guess that just goes to show that my life can be hectic just like every one else's, huh? I wish I could say that things would be slowing down soon, but no such luck. I have my February workshop on Friday so I'll be spending this week cleaning house and getting everything prepped for that. I only have 3 more weeks that I'm working for the PDO program before I start "maternity leave" I put that in quotation marks because there's really no telling exactly how long that leave will turn out to be. 4 weeks after that we'll be welcoming baby # 2 into our house. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do some crafting during the first couple of weeks of my maternity leave. Munchkin will still be attending PDO classes 2 days a week so that will leave me with at least 10 hours those weeks that I have nothing going on, woohoo! Whatever shall I do with myself? Craft! that's what. I've been finding tons of really cute projects online recently but I just never seem to have the time to do any of them. Not without staying up until all hours of the night anyway. And at 7+ months pregnant, who has the energy to do that? Not me. I have gotten a few things actually completed over the past couple of weeks. I've listed 4 hooded bath towels and 2 cupcake gift card holders on my etsy site, head on over and check em out. Too cute even if I do say so my self! Well, its way past my bedtime so I'm turning in, its the only way I'll be able to function as even half way human in the morning! Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tragedy Hits Home

This past weekend my family was hit by a massive tragedy: my camera broke!!! How awful of a thing to happen to a scrapbooker! There's something wrong with the lens and the way it comes out when the camera is turned on and the only way to fix it is by brute strength, which I just don't have enough of. However, my husband has assured me that when we go out to dinner on Thursday night (our V-day celebration, his parents are watching the munchkin!) we can go to Best Buy and purchase a new one. I've been checking things out online and I think the one I'm going to get is the FujiFilm J100. I'm very excited. In the mean time, to occupy myself, I've been spending a lot of time creating. The past couple of days, I've spent much time with my embroidery machine. My newest creative thing is making hooded bath towels. We were given one when our son was born and now that the new baby is only a few weeks away, I wanted to have one for her too, and I'd also like to have another one for my son, seeing as he loves his so. So I came up with a pattern and started embroidering on towels. I figured while I was at it, I'd make a few extras to list on my etsy site. I've also really gotten into making these beautiful cupcake gift card holders. I saw them originally created by a CTMH consultant named Tresa Black. She generously shared her instructions with the world and now I'm making them by the dozen, well not really, but I have made 3 so far and I have plans to make more. Once I get this set of towels done, I plan on pushing my sewing machine out of the way and starting in on making some more cards, maybe a few inspired by some sketches I've seen recently on Mojo Monday and Pagemaps. Looks like once I get my camera I'll have a lot of things to take pictures of so I can post them both here and on my etsy store. Hope you have a magnificent day!